If you checked in yesterday, I told you today I'd have the videos I took of the different events in the Highlands in the Burg event Saturday. I have not let you down!

Here's a small snippet of some Traditional Folk Music. I just caught them at the end of the song!

Here's a short demonstration of some Sheepherding. That whistling you're hearing is the Herder giving his dog different commands.

Can you believe that dog does so well with just one eye? Great stuff.

Here are the Sons of Alba giving a short fight demonstration. It combined all sorts of different tools and weaponry, and a little humor, too.

And finally, what would a Highlands Festival be without some Bagpipes?

The young ladies you see in the shot are members of The Kilties, an all girl high school band that comes from Springfield. They're carrying on the tradition, celebrating their 86th year.

Overall it was an excellent time for everybody, and the weather held out for us very nicely. I hope you'll go to their website to learn more, and attend next year.

Kiltingly yours,