In an earlier post, I asked how you would spend the $10,000 we're giving away.  The only rules we placed on your answers were that it had to spend all $10,000 locally in one spot.

The number one place people would spend $10,000 was Yeager's Harley Davidson.  Walmart came in a close second, followed by home improvement stores Menard's and Lowe's. Furniture and appliance stores rounded it out.  With the exception of my favorite answer:

If I was able to BLOW $10000.. I would go to the Boys and Girls Club, get 10 kids that have never been accepted for who they are and I would take them to Leisure Park for a fun filled day of games and rides. Kids these days are bullied so bad because they arent like others. If not just for a few hours where they can just let go and be THEMSELVES!!!!

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