I had a great Memorial Day weekend this year, spending time with old friends, drinking beer and spending lots of time in the sun.  It would have been the perfect weekend except for one little incident that occurred late Sunday night on 65 South...

Right around midnight, a deer decided it'd be a good idea to cross the highway right in front of my car.  That doe got a quick introduction to my Corolla's driver side headlight.  I don't think it lived to tell about it.

This is the first time I've hit a deer with my car.  I've lived in Missouri for most of my life and have had some pretty close calls, but I've never actually made contact with one before.  I was pretty angry after I hit it.  There was nobody on the highway except for me, and that doe just happened to hit the only car out there?!?!  I mean, c'mon, cut me a break!

However, after speaking with my fiance and some folks around the office, I realized something: a lot more people have hit deer than I realized.  It's like a rite of passage for living in the Midwest.  In fact, In 2010, Missouri had 3,420 "deer-vehicle" traffic crashes.  That's about one every 2.6 hours! My fiance told me that every member of her family who drives has hit a deer at one point or another.

How many of you guys have taken out a deer with your vehicle?  Have you hit a bigger animal before?  Take our poll and share your stories with me in the comments section, it'll sure help me feel better.