Okay, now that the big game is over, I think we can all look back on it with some clearer eyes. According to a new survey, 23 million Americans have broken or destroyed their cell phone while watching sports. 

The most common ways are dropping it on the floor, dropping it in the toilet, spilling water on it or dropping it in beer. This seems like it would have been a good public service announcement to give you right BEFORE the Super Bowl.  Watching football can be DEVASTATING for your phone.  Here are the five most common ways . . .

1.  Dropping it on the floor, 33%.

2.  Dropping it in the toilet or spilling water on it, 18%.

3.  Dropping it in BEER, 13%.

4.  Throwing it in anger or excitement, 12%.

5.  Letting it fall off the bar or a table, 8%.

The survey also found Seahawks fans had 46% more phone accidents during games in the past year than Broncos fans. Have you ever broken your phone or device, or anything else, during or because of a game? Take our poll and tell us all about it!

Breakingly yours,