Halloween is great fun.  When you were a kid, dressing up for candy was one of the biggest thrills of the year.  When you have kids, seeing them get excited at the prospect of potential tooth decay is equally as great.  Then there are the parties and costume contests.  Everyone wants to stand out in the crowd and have their ensemble be the talk of the evening.  That can be a real challenge.

In Sedalia, we have big chain stores and locally owned merchants that sell factory costumes.   The selection means there will probably be at least two of everything at a gathering that is worthy of the title of "Party."  Not to mention the fact that many of them only come in "standard" size.  I'm not sure which planet those sizes are considered standard, but we have full sized people here.  I'm just shy of shopping at the big and tall stores.

I'd like to hear your thoughts.  Where do you go for your Halloween costumes?

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