Kids, you and I both know you're busy.  You're bound to let some things slip through the cracks of your schedule.  And you also know there's apparently a big footyball game Sunday.

So with all your regular malarkey, you probably don't have time to make a bunch of sweet snacks for the family, friends and moochers coming to your house.  Why not get some goodies for a great cause and save yourself some trouble while you're at it?

The Four Seasons Living Center's Relay for Life team is having a bake sale Friday morning (Feb. 1).  They'll have a bunch of stuff homemade by the team.  They're not playing around - they'll have all the best stuff like pies, cookies, brownies and more, and all the proceeds will go to the Relay for Life.

How can you beat it?  You'll have stuff that's just as good, or if we're being honest, better than you would have made, and you'll have that warm feeling in your heart of having helped someone.  On top of that, the kids at Four Seasons know you're working on Friday so they've made sure to have the time of the sale early, so you can stop by before work.  The challenge, though, will be forcing yourself not to eat it all before Sunday, right?

Either way, stop by the Four Seasons Lobby, on Highway TT from 5:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. on Friday and get stocked up on all the great sweets you'll need.   You can restart your diet on Monday.

Sweetly yours,