Increased sales and demand for George Jones White Lightning Moonshine and Vodka have led the brand to consider distribution & marketing vendors in both nationwide and international markets. After the brands were successfully launched they won awards for best taste. The moonshine and vodka products are currently sold exclusively at the George Jones Museum in Nashville, Tennessee.

 After the White Lightning Moonshine brand's recognition at the 2015 SIP Awards, the Museum store has been overwhelmed by demand for its White Lightning Moonshine and Vodka products.

With the tremendous success of the spirits line, the George Jones biographical film "No Show Jones" slated for release in 2016, and the growing demand for the product and interest of many to buy the spirits line, plans are underway to choose the right partner to create an international footprint.

“George always wanted to own his own brand of whiskey,” said Nancy Jones, George’s widow. “This was one of the promises I made to him before he died, that I’d make that dream come true.”

Management has selected the Investment Bank, R.L. Hulett & Co., to represent them in their search for a strategic partner with the capabilities and distribution network to properly scale the brand.

This opportunity is large and multi-faceted. The iconic George Jones name, the trademarks of White Lightning and the 2015 SIP awards all make for an incredible opportunity for both George Jones fans and discerning tastemakers worldwide.

(Courtesy of Webster PR)