St. Jude's children hospital is looking for Partners In Hope. KIX 105 is hosting a radiothon, encouraging listeners to join St. Jude's mission in helping give children will serious medical conditions a second chance at life. Partners In Hope give to St. Jude on a monthly basis, ensuring no child is ever turned away because of a family's inability to pay.

“I've made the children a priority. Giving by credit card is a sure thing -- I know my money is reaching the children.” -- Susanna St. Amour, Partner In Hope

Here are just four reasons why YOU should become a St. Jude Partner In Hope.

  1. You can see your gift in action. The St. Jude's website provides a donation calculator, which allows supporters to see exactly how their donation will be used. For example, even if you can only give $5 a month, you could provide one stationary kit, help pay for one day treatment and help pay for one CT scan.
  2. Your gift gives children a second chance at life. Partners In Hope give to St. Jude on a monthly basis to help ensure no child is left without care, because of the families inability to pay. Partners In Hope help give children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases a second chance at life.
  3. Your gift will help with research and treatment. St. Jude's cost of operation is over $1.8 million a day. A significant portion of these cost are paid for through public contributions alone. This allows them to use 81 cents of every dollar given for research and treatment at St. Jude.
  4. Your credit card donations are safe and secureMany times people are hesitant to give online using their credit card information. St. Jude ensures giving online is safe and secure. Giving by credit card increases the value of your gift to St. Jude's and you do not have to worry about writing a check or losing it in the mail.

As a Partner In Hope, you will become part of the most loyal group of St. Jude supporters.  To become a Partner In Hope call  800-516-7771 or click the button below.