A former Sedalia Police officer was killed over the weekend in a motor vehicle accident near Clyde, Texas.

According to the Sedalia Police Department's Facebook page, the former Sedalia officer is 33-year old Elise Ybarra.

She served as a Telecommunications Officer beginning in 2010. The SPD says that Ybarra then discovered her true calling and became a Sedalia Police officer in January 2012.

Ybarra remained with the SPD until May 2014, when she moved to Abilene, Texas, where she became a Detective with the Special Victims Unit.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said Detective Ybarra was driving on I-20 with two other detectives, near Clyde, Texas, when her car was struck by another vehicle, which was traveling at highway speed, just after 6:00 Sunday evening.

According to the report, Detective Ybarra was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The other two detectives were injured and taken to a hospital in Abilene for treatment.

During a press conference, Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge, said the Department is "devastated" over the loss of Detective Ybarra.

More information is expected in the coming days.

Sedalia Police Dept Facebook