The last week has brought on a lot of first day of school photos on facebook and open houses to allow students and parents to meet the new teachers.

I decided to ask my kids on the top 10 reasons they are excited for school to start for the Sedalia School District. This is written through my kids, Gabriel, who is going into the fifth grade for the Sedalia Middle School and my daughter, Lillibeth, who is going into the third grade at Skyline Elementary.

My sister and I, decided we should do blogs for the radio station, so this will be our very first blog. I hope you will enjoy this.

Here is Lil's Top 10 reasons she is excited about school.

1. Get to see my friends

2. Get to play outside

3. Get to learn new things

4. Get new and old friends in class.

5. Get to do homework.

6. Get to read a lot.

7. Get to be in a brand new grade.

8. Get a new teacher.

9. Get to relearn things.

10. Get to work on worksheets.


Now that you've heard Lil's Top 10 it is now time for Gabriel's.


10. Having more than one teacher.

9. Doing fun projects.

8. Make new friends.

7. Having P.E. every other day.

6. Learning new things.

5. Having the swimming pool.

4. Learning the trombone.

3. See your old friends.

2. Starting the middle school.

1. Meet the new teachers.


Now that you've heard my and Lil's 10 reasons. It's time for your top 10. Remember school starts in Sedalia on Thursday, August 21 and remember to check for future posts.


I hope each and everyone of you have a great school year ahead.