Sure.  I often hear people say "It's the little things in life that count."  I guess if we're counting our blessings, that is true.  The little things add up to be a lot.  But scientifically, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  So I'm guessing the little things that annoy us would add up too.

A survey by found out what little things bother us the most.  Included in the top of their list were unreliable weather forecasts, missing a package delivery because you weren't home, Email spam and dead cell phone batteries.

I'm with them on the cell battery thing.  That DOES suck.  I think they missed a few.  Like poor customer service (at any point), iTime (The amount of time it takes the person in front of you to stop texting and notice that the light is green) and talking to someone that continuously smacks their gum.

How about you?  What little annoyance can send you right over the edge on a bad day?

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