January 30, 2013

Additional Information

The Third Annual Caregiver of the Year Award will be presented in honor of an unsung hero who has dedicated themselves to making the lives of others more comfortable and dignified.  Caregivers devote much of their lives to ensure that their loved ones and friends are well cared for, and whenever possible, sees in assisting care is given at home. Qualifications for nominees:  Caring and loving person who has helped an individual during their battle with cancer or someone who has made a difference in a family’s life of a cancer patient.         To nominate an individual for this award, you must send a letter explaining how this person has helped a cancer patient.  Please be as descriptive as possible.  Also, please tell me why you think that person deserves this award.

Please send all nominations to:  Sherry Jo Painter-Torres, Event Chair, 3762 S. Grand. Or email to:  sherryjo626@sbcglobal.net  Deadline for entries is April 1, 2013.

All nominees and the individual or family that nominates them will be invited to this year Relay that takes place on June 1, 2013.   They will participate in our Caregiver Lap.  The winner will be announced during opening ceremonies of Relay. Thank you for your support of the American Cancer Society’s  Relay For Life of Pettis County.