Fall is here, and that means Halloween is almost upon us.  Popcorn balls, caramel apples and candy are in our immediate future.  Of course, the witches, ghosts and goblins will be out to play and the haunted houses will be open, but you better be ready to travel.

If you are from Sedalia, you have to go to Columbia or KC to get the bejeepers scared out of you.  The American Legion on Main has a good one for kids, but adults must make a road trip.  I've often wondered how a haunted house would do in Sedalia.

If I were to think about building one (and this is very hypothetical), I'd say the old Woods building on Ohio and Broadway would be ideal.  It is an empty grocery store and a maze would be easy to create. It has off street parking and it is in a high traffic area of town.

Is there enough interest to support the venture?  What do you think?