Kids, as you probably remember, I recently moved into a new place.  I found out about it from a friend I used to go to church with when we were kids. 

So while I know Jana a couple of doors down, and I know one of my neighbors is named Cory, that's about all I know.  I've met the little girls next door, blond sweethearts who definitely love my kitties.  But I don't know their parents.  I've waved, and that's about it.

In my childhood home here in Sedalia, we knew the people next door, we knew the people in the house next to that and we knew the people across the street.  In fact, most of those people still live in those same houses.  So I thought to myself, why don't I know my neighbors? My mother probably would have gone over and introduced herself, but I think we're in a different time.  I think if I knocked on my neighbor's door, I'd be bothering them.  And, they might think, "Who's that freak at my door, are they coming to steal my cookies?"  They might be right, you never know.

So I wanted to ask you guys about it - do you know your neighbors?  Do you know them just by name, or do you know them pretty well?  Do you even know their names?   Do you want to know?  Tell me about it.