As a country music "disk jockey" or whatever you want to call it, I end up listening to a lot of the newest in country music.  Some I like, some I love, and some I hate.  But always, there seem to be a few artists that I wish I could hear from a little more often.

One of those is Jamey Johnson.

It took a long time for me to take his last double cd out of my car.   He really, in my mind, is the main male country artist these days (although there are a few I can think of) that is bearing the torch wielding duties of carrying on for older country.  Jamey Johnson would not be out of place next to Waylon Jennings or Johnny Cash.

Another one is Ashton Shepherd.  She seems to put out  maybe two singles from each album she does (and she's only done two) but every time she does put out a single I love it.   She's fun, she's smart, and she seems pretty down to earth and genuine to me.

Lee Ann Womack.   Lee Ann has put out quite a few records and many of them have been excellent.  My problem is that sometimes she takes up to five years inbetween each one.

While I'm very happy with some of the current crop in rotation (I love Miranda Lambert, I also really like Eric Church's new song, "Springsteen", and also several others here and there), it can never hurt to have more rich, interesting voices.  Maybe they all aren't songwriters, but new perspectives and new, quality songs are always welcome.

Your good timin woman in a pickup truck with your dog,