Summer is here.  Regardless of what the calendar says, summer activities have begun. Along with heading to the pool, lake and/or golf course comes more socializing.  Of course, that means meeting new people. Some of which are in the relentless pursuit of a new relationship.

The absolute hardest part of  meeting someone new is breaking the ice.  Men will say just about anything to meet a woman which they find attractive.  And most of the time, their attempts are laughable.  Which brings us to today's "Complete The Sentence."

The absolute worst pick up line I've ever heard is.....

Some of note:

  • "You must be a parking ticket, because you've got fine written all over you.”
  • "Girl you MUST have my car keys, because you're drivin' me crazy."
  • "Do you have a map..?!? because I keep getting lost in your eyes."

You're turn!  What is the worst pickup line you have ever heard/tried.  And was it successful?  Comment below and please hit share!