Kids, admittedly around here I think we can get a little complacent.  At least I can.  Especially when it comes to your living situation.

I admittedly live in a duplex right now, and I'm probably paying too much in rent.  I mean, from what I hear, you can pay a mortgage payment on a house for about what I pay in rent for a one bedroom half house thingy.  But, I'm glad that's all I pay.  After all, the poor jerks in the city, especially at our link for today, Worst Room, have it a lot, lot worse.

For example, check this out.

Yep, that's the apartment. They describe it, quote, as “THERE ARE NO WINDOWS. the room has great lighting. it’s beautiful.” You know how much they want in rent for that a month? Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollars. Looking through the rest of this site will definitely make you cringe and laugh.

I guess it's time for all of us to count our blessings, huh.

Roomily yours,