Today on the Links post I thought we'd have a little fun with a game.

This is a pop culture kind of game called The Akinator.

It's a simple, no commitment Flash kind of game.  You just click on the link, choose a name, enter your age, and your gender, and then think of a character in pop culture or reality.  It can be a fake or a real person, but you have to have a firm idea of who it is when you begin.

After that, the "magic genie" will ask you a series of easy questions, like, "Is this a real person" or "Is this person on a TV show", etc.   It's fun to see how many times the Akinator gets it right, which is... well, at least with me, most of the time.

If you have a little time to kill or want to while away a break, check it out.

Guessingly yours,