Kids, I come from a family of people who do not stay quiet when they sleep.  I'm sure it's something you can understand, if not identify with.  Some people snore, some people toss and turn, some people cough, and well, yes, some of us talk.

My father snores, my mother snored, my sister snores and I've been told that sometimes I do.  But mostly, I talk.   I've been told that out of nowhere I will say the strangest things that would sound completely awake if they made any sense whatsoever.  So that's why I enjoy this little website of the day: Sleep Talkin' Man.

Basically, this poor English man talks in his sleep and has done so for years.  Enough so that his significant other has started writing down what he says, and sometimes puts clips of them up on the site.  It's, of course, with permission, and people discuss it and what they say about the subconscious dreams and all that interesting stuff.

Now, do keep in mind, there are the occasional swear word here and there.  So if you want to listen to the sound clips, beware.  There are always subtitles, though, so you know what you're getting into beforehand.

So why not check it out! Maybe someone you know will be inspired by their sleep story.

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