Well, kids, today I think we all need something that will take our minds off of Tuesday.  I mean, I know we're all looking forward to the Food Fair tonight.  So counting the hours can be downright torture!

So, enjoy a little break from your work with KITTEN WAR. Yes, this is as awesome as it sounds. You go to the site, and you are presented with two adorable kittens. You then make the tough call: Who Is Cuter?!?!

It's like a kitten wrestling match. All you have to do is click on your winner, and it takes you to the next KITTEN WAR. It can go on and on like this. And it's a great way to waste a half an hour.*  Plus, you get cute kittens without any feeding, brushing or vet trips.  Seems ideal to me!

Warfully yours,



*Note: I Never, Ever Waste Time at the offices of my lovely employers, Townsquare Media.  Ever.  I have never done it.  I never will do it.  Townsquare forever!