Okay kids keep this in mind with today's link: I am all about each and every individual's beauty as a person. I am not a person who thinks that the human needs to be "remade" or "prettied up" necessarily. But, sometimes you get the itch for a change.

That's what today's link is all about.  Maybe you're thinking about changing up your look.  Maybe you want new glasses, a new haircut, whatever suits you, but you don't know if that look would look right on you.  So what do you do?

Why not give this website a try. It's called the Taaz Virtual Makeover. You just put in your picture and you can experiment and see what you'd look like with a bob or with aviator shades or maybe even a little self tanner or something. If you want to try new looks without taking a big, expensive risk, give it a shot! Plus, there's all sorts of other things to look at and play with on the site, like Halloween costumes.

Beautifully yours,