Kids, today I'm going to tell you about a fun read that involves many drawings.  It's a fun blog that sadly doesn't update often, but when it does, it's amazing. It's called Hyperbole and a Half and the lady that does it is hilarious   She talks about everything from her own battles with depression, her stupid dog (really, this dog is not bright), nearly losing her mind in Texas, loving coffee, loving cake, childhood adventures, just about everything.

She does it with a flair for quirky humor and some decent grandiose.  It's a fun read and definitely worth a look.  There are maybe two or three swears from time to time though, so be aware of that.

I'd recommend you start with the side bar, of the "best of".  My favorites are the 'Cake Story,' 'Why I'll Never Be An Adult' and anything about the dogs.  Enjoy!

Hyperbolically yours,