Kids, I know and you know that Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year's and all the other holidays in between are coming up.   And sometimes that can involve a lot of cooking!  So what the heck do you do?  Make twelve of the same dish?  Not if you check out today's link! 

Normally in the past, when I've needed to cook something, I tend to go for either one of my recipes in my Mom's old card box, make it up or look it up online.  I tend to go for stuff from All Recipes or the Food Network site.  But, when you go there all the time, sometimes you just don't get that new or exciting idea for a nice side dish or dessert.

So the other day, a friend pointed me to this website, Epicurious. It's basically an all in one recipe site, where you can plan meals or menus and get recipe ideas.  They've even got instructional videos!

I know that sometimes even Mom's old cookbook just isn't enough, so if you need a little help this season, why not check it out?

Curiously yours,