Kids, a lot of us out there have pets.  They can be anything from lizards to birds to snakes or hamsters or even the traditional dog or cat.  And often, they can bring a little frustration with the happiness and joy they provide. 

You know what I mean, when you catch your cat scratching the couch or when the dog barks at the paperboy.  Well, there's a website out there now for everyone to get that off their chest with a little fun and humor.  It's a picture site called Dogshaming. You know that look that your dog gets when you catch them doing something they shouldn't have been.

So people take pictures of their dogs with a little card next to them or in front of them, saying the "shameful" thing they did. It's stuff like eating the paper, fighting with the cat, and even eating the poo. Your dog does all of it, don't even kid yourself.

If you have pets, or if you ever did, what did they do that deserved the Dogshaming treatment? Wanna share some pictures or stories?

Barkily yours,