Today's Enquiring Minds topic came from you, the listener! I was talking on the air about meeting celebrities, and how your image of them could be easily destroyed if they were rude to you.  All those years of loving their work or their persona, gone in an instant.  But then, even in everyday life, your opinion of someone can be easily swayed into the negative if they're rude to you or in front of you.  Like if you go on a date, and your date is rude or mean to the waiter without justification.  It just spoils everything, you know? I get little encounters with rudeness sometimes.    I've also had a few encounters where people cut in front of you in line.  That's always rude, no matter how you slice it. Once I was in local grocery store parking lot, and I had a rude encounter.  So I had just finished my weekly shop, put the groceries in the car, and was sitting in the driver's seat. The car wasn't on, I was just sitting there checking over my receipt before I got moving.  There was an empty car near me and a  few parking spaces away there was a lady getting her little one out of the car.  Here's how it looked.

I was sitting there, I saw them, but I wasn't moving, like I said.  Anyway, she got her little one out of the car - he must have been three - and turned to do something else.  Well, he ran.  He ran across the parking spaces and to the hood of my car.  He then started banging his hand on the hood of my car.  Mom then turned, saw him doing that, and ran to get him.  Then, she proceeded to yell at ME for "nearly running over" her child, and gave me a dirty look as she walked into the store.   Now, keep in mind, I WAS NOT MOVING. The car was not running.  I still wasn't moving as she was walking into the store. Don't you think she should have scolded her kid for running up to me and hitting my car?  I didn't beckon him over or anything.  He just ran free, like a kid does.  I just think she should have apologized to me.

So anyway, like I say, most of you listeners out there are just golden.  And in fact, a listener suggested this very topic today.  Well, someone called in and said, "Hey, you should make that an Enquiring Minds topic - we can all tell stories about who's been rude to us".   Well, I think he had an idea that he wanted to tell a rudeness story about Sammy Hagar.  We all have our stories about who was rude to us.  Why not share yours and we'll talk about them on the air?  You can earn points when you do it, and then use your points to get great prizes!

Politely yours,