Father's Day is approaching this weekend. It got me to thinking about all the times we've had with our Dads over the years. I know I've had lots of great afternoons just sitting and joking about stuff on the TV. When I was a kid, sometimes he'd take us out on his dune buggy or on the back of his motorcycle. I remember all the times he took me driving out in the country to try to teach me a thing or two on the stick shift.  There were a few life lessons in there, too.  He's always been there to lend a hand or just to be supportive. I cannot count the number of times he's been useful and helpful and just plain old great. Can you beat a big ol' Dad bear hug?  Nope.  At least not from my Dad.  He's awesome.

As Evidenced By This Photo. It was the 90's.

He's funny, he's sweet, he's a great dancer, very adventurous, versatile, and a really smart cookie. Really, I mean, my Dad is the best that ever bested. At least he is to me. Maybe we can discuss it over my next Enquiring Minds question: What's your favorite memory of your Dad? Tell me all about it in our survey, and I'll share your answers on the air!

Rememberingly yours,