One of the things we all love about the Missouri State Fair is definitely the food. I mean, I know so many people that have what they call "Fair Diets," as in, during the fair, everything's fair! Well, did you know there might be something a little more nutritious that is also insanely delicious on the Fairgrounds?I'm talking, of course, about The Pork Place.  I went awhile back this week and boyfriendo and I got the Top Chop Special.  It is a rare thing that my dude has a problem cleaning his plate.  In fact, usually he can eat all of his, some of mine and maybe seconds.  But we had The Top Chop, and he actually didn't finish all of his fries.  Shocking!

Well, it was definitely tasty stuff, and very popular because of it. Here's some photos!

The pictures just don't do it justice. There's amazing food, great people, and some of the friendliest and helpful staff on the grounds. And, the building is air-conditioned! So why not stop by and get yourself some of the tastiest "other white meat" out there. You will not regret this one, trust me.

Here little piggy,