According to "Daily Express", there's a new study that says couples argue in bed 167 times a year.  THAT'S the night time bliss you can only get in a relationship.  Arguing almost every other night! The top 10 things couples argue about are:

1. Hogging the covers

2. Snoring

3. Being too hot.

4. Not being in the mood for whoopie

5. Whether to let the kids sleep in the bed

6. Taking up too much of the bed

7. Being cold

8. The other person's cold feed touching you

9. When to turn off the lights and go to sleep

10. Leaving a light on

It seems to me that a lot of those could/should be taken care of early on in the relationship.  Although there's nothing worse that a person's cold feet finding warmth against your inner thigh.

Do you have these arguments often?  Different arguments?  Comment below and share!