This is just about the perfect time for holiday burnout.  We've been going strong since Thanksgiving, we're deep in the middle of unavoidable holiday oversaturation, and there are still two weeks until Christmas.

Which means it's the perfect time for a survey like this.  I found a story on  PR Newswire with the results of a Harris Interactive poll asking what people hate about the holidays.  Here's the top 11 answers.

  1. Crowds.  Including traffic, crowds in parking lots and people in stores.  If you don't like crowds, retailers are definitely a place to avoid during the shopping season.
  2. How early stores start putting out holiday decorations and displays.  It seems to get earlier every year!  It is no wonder people turn into "Scrooges" around this point in the month.
  3. A focus on gifts and not the spirit of the holidays.
  4. People cutting in line. Always rude!
  5. Travel prices being so incredibly high. They know you're going to travel so they make sure to make as much as they can from you.
  6. Too much holiday music everywhere.  We are barraged with it at every turn.
  7. Pressure to give gifts to more people than  you want. Or worse, more people than you can afford.
  8. People leaving their Christmas decorations up until February or March. Unless you change the colors of the bulbs for Easter.  Then it is okay.
  9. People who double dip at holiday parties. It is ALWAYS wrong to double dip.  If you  want more dip, put some on a plate.  I don't want laryngitis because you couldn't be bothered to eat part of your cracker plain.
  10. Stores that don't give out gift boxes.  It is difficult to wrap a shirt without a box.
  11. Family members or friends who don't bring anything when hosing a party.  This too is wrong.  NEVER show up empty handed.  Even if it is just something small.
Of course, reading this survey reminded me of this song by Bob Rivers.

What do you think?  Did we miss any?