I had the privilege to call the Kaysinger Conference Tournament, where I saw many of these young athletes shine. The Kaysinger Conference is always highly competitive and packed with talent, and this year was no different! Congratulations to the young men and women who made the All Conference team.

Boys All Kaysinger Conference Basketball Team 1st Team

  • Tanner Oelrichs, Cole Camp
  • Ethan Koechner, Tipton
  • Michael Brockman, Cole Camp
  • Wade Wood, Tipton
  • Timothy Ward, Cole Camp
  • Dane Apsher, Smithton
  • Garrett Strange, Sacred Heart
  • Austin Story, Green Ridge
  • Seth Johnson, La Monte
  • Malik Hackett, Sacred Heart
  • Cortlen Austin, Northwest
  • Garrett Goetz, Stover

Boys Honorable Mention All Kaysinger Conference

  • Brendan Rusk, Cole Camp
  • Chase Lyles, Sacred Heart
  • Axton Harding, Green Ridge
  • Quincy Wicker, Northwest
  • Preston McMullen, Smithton
  • Tyler Brockman, Windsor
  • Brock Young, Lincoln
  • Travis Edwards, Tipton
  • Matthew Frisk, Stover
  • Trent Ellis, La Monte
  • Aaron Garoutte, Windsor

Boys Coach of the Year – Tom Ward, Cole Camp

Boys Conference Champions – Cole Camp

Girls All Kaysinger Conference

  • Emily Pritzel, Cole Camp
  • Kaleena Logan, Cole Camp
  • Clare Chamberlin, Green Ridge
  • Libby Dove, Green Ridge
  • Bethany Freel, Smithton
  • Amy Schroeder, Stover
  • Carly Nolting, Stover
  • Gabbi Ebers, Sacred Heart
  • Sydney Smith, Sacred Heart
  • Loryn Hirst, Tipton
  • Caroline Combs, Tipton
  • Taylor Ebeling, Windsor
  • Bailey Rollins, Windsor

Honorable Mention All Kaysinger Girls

  • Mason Harms, Cole Camp
  • Ragin Dillon, Green Ridge
  • Madison Harris, La Monte
  • Morgan Renno, Lincoln
  • Paige Norfleet, Northwest
  • Mariah Cairer, Smithton
  • Mady Smith, Stover
  • Kaitlyn Sunnarborg, Sacred Heart
  • Ashton Pace, Tipton
  • Shelby Williams, Windsor

Girls Conference Champions – Windsor

Girls Conference Coach of the Year – Brad Forrest, Windsor