Remember the good ol' days?  Many of us recall when gas prices were a lot less than what we are seeing these days when we pull up to the pump.  You've heard stories about how low they used to be.  1919-Gas was 25 cents a gallon. 1946-It was at 27 cents. 1974-Average gas price went above 50 cents for the first time in the United States.   1980-Average price above $1 per gallon.  March 2000-Average price more than $1.50 per gallon.   July 2008-Gas prices spiked to more than $4 per gallon.  I can remember pulling up to the pumps, filling up with $10.00 worth of regular, and it would last you a week!  Presently, the lowest price in the Sedalia area is around $3.18 a gallon.  Do you think those prices will still go lower or do you think we'll see an upswing in prices?  Of course, gasoline is made from crude oil.  I think Jed Clampett was right when he called it "Black Gold"!!!