Well, this week on Tuesday, President Obama appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

The show went from New York City to where he was, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

It was to do a little comedy, of course (did you see how both POTUS and Jimmy dropped their mics at the end of it, Chris Rock style?). But also to discuss a major idea he's trying to get going, which is to stop the legislature from letting Stafford Loan interest rates double this summer.

Now, I went to college. I graduated and everything. But I consolidated my loans and I'll be paying them off for another twenty years. The interest rate on those is bad enough. I can't imagine a kid going to school now, trying to get a Stafford Loan and a Pell Grant and trying to get financed in school in this economy with rates like that.

What do you think? Was it funny? Do you like seeing the President do amusing things or not being completely serious? Do you agree with the student loan part of it?

Studiously yours,