Kids, today I read a crazy story that I thought was just hilarious. A 6-year-old kid forged a note to get out of his afterschool program, and it wasn't exactly the best example of trickery out there.  It doesn't look like an adult wrote that at all!

I know sometimes kids will go to all sorts of lengths to get out of work or school.  I remember one winter when a kid sent an school cancellation email around to the stations and TV outlets from a Hotmail account pretending to be the school superintendent.  One of the TV stations in Kansas City believed it, even though it wasn't from the right email, and they didn't give the password.   I tried to play sick a few times in school, but I can't say I ever went this far.

What about you? Did you ever try to play hooky or just get out of school?  Do you remember what you did?  Did you get caught, or did you get away with it?

Of course we here at KIX have never, ever done anything of the sort and we don't encourage you to do it, either.  We are supporters of perfectly behaved children.