Our 105 Pounds of Cash Giveaway continues to travel around our area, giving folks the chance to win a lot of money. This last weekend, the money and I headed out to Aaron's Sales and Leasing.

From the second we got there, the money was a huge hit. In fact, I nearly parted with my friend "the money" when a compelling offer was made to run off and split it. But, I just can't be the person to let my friend "the money" go with just anybody. Money's true love is out there somewhere, they just have to find each other with the right guess.

We were out there for about two hours and had all kinds of fun with food, games and awesome strobe lights. Here's a look at what all went down!

Make sure you keep your eyes and ears peeled for our next outing with the 105 pounds of cash, or as I call him, "Cashy."

Lucky Dog-ily yours,