Today, kids, I got to go out on a remote to Car Mart.  It was a beautiful day and I had a great time.


I got there about ten thirty and got everything all set up outside and ready to roll.

The ladies inside are always so nice.  Not that the guys aren't, but they're typical dude dudes, you know.  They're more likely to throw you a football then talk about what you're gonna give away.

I can attest, they will totally feed you most of the time, too.  They had soda, burgers and hot dogs.  I had one of each, just to test them.   Can't recommend something you don't know, right?

I had t-shirts, stickers, and Mid Missouri Outlaw football tickets to give away.

I always say to myself that I wish I had more t-shirts every time I go on a remote.  People love them!

Future Kix fans, I'm sure!

So yes, it was a beautiful day with giveaways, music, food and fun.  Can you believe they pay me to do this?  Next time you guys should all try to make it out!  We always have a great time.  Thanks again, Car Mart!